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Filtration System

Hydraulic Oil Filtration System is applicable in Engineering, Steel, Power Plant, Automotive, Oil Refinery, Gears & Bearings, Plastic, Die Casting. The oil moves through the in-line low watt density stove where the oil is heated to an ideal temperature. The oil then arrives the distillation support where it is visible to the vacuum through the employment of superior dispersal elements. The system comes with increased exposed surface area and converts the water to vapor system, which is then drawn via the condenser by the vacuum pump. The water-free oil falls to the lowest of the support and is detached by a heavy duty lube oil thrust. Hydraulic Oil Filtration System has the pump that forces the dry oil via a final particulate exclusion filter.

Oil Purification Systems

Trinity Oil Purification Systems can be used directly as an ON-LINE or OFF-LINE system depending on your shop-floor need. Trinity Oil Purification Systems allows filtration to take place independently of your equipment / machinery operation and there is no need for permanent installation per machine as one trolley / skid mounted unit can service multiple machines. Trinity Oil Purification Systems can be used for filtration of Lube Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Machine cutting fluids, Coolants, etc. including other applications like filtration of transformer oil, gearbox oil, engine oil etc. Trinity Oil Purification System can even filter water based fluids (water glycols, metalworking fluids, wash fluids), whilst removing any contamination from the oil. Trinity Oil Purification Systems can be fairly automated with Self-Priming Pumps, Pressure Gauges, Interconnecting Piping and provision for testing / measuring devices like Particle Detector, Moisture Sensor, Particle Counter etc.
Price: 20000 INR/Unit

Trolley Mounted Filtration Systems

  • Supply Ability:200 Per Month
Price: 50000 INR/Unit

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