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Sterile Membrane Filters

Pure polypropylene made PP spun filter cartridges are suitable for effective filtration of small volume batches in fine chemical processing and pharmaceutical industries. Notable for their capsule shaped appearance, these filter cartridges can be availed in 2.5 inch dimension and in 4 inches/6 inches/8 inches length based choices. PP spun filter cartridges are equipped with dual layered polyether sulfone membrane based asymmetric filtering media, PP end caps, rubber gasket or O rings and stainless steel made internal supporting ring. Compact in shape, these disposable cartridges are suitable for water with less than 10 lpm flow rate. High flow rate of these cartridges helps to avoid contamination to maintain hygienic quality of filtered water.

Steri-pro Cp Series Capsule Filters

  • Usage:Sterile Applications
  • Diameter:2.5 Inch (in)
  • Color:White
  • Product Type:Capsule Filter
  • Type:Other
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
Price: 7200 INR/Unit

Steri Pro Pe Series Pes Membrane Filters

  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
Price: 7200 INR/Unit

Steri-PRO PV series PVDF Membrane Filters

Trinity Steri-PRO PV series PVDF sterilizing filters use high porosity PVDF membrane to meet applications for high flow rates. These membrane filters significantly remove bacteria and undesired particles with high efficiency. PVDF membranes offer broad chemical compatibility with low extractable levels, high protein binding and high chemical inertness. Filters are best suited for application in bulk material filtration, can provide better performance when compared to similar products. The Filter comes with Single and double-layer PVDF with the support of polypropylene core, both materials listed in CFR 21 and FDA that are well suited for food and pharmaceutical applications.
Price: 7400.00 INR/Piece

Steri-PRO PT series PTFE Membrane Filters

Trinity Steri-PRO PT series PTFE Sterilizing grade filters specially manufactured for the bio-pharma, beverage and fine chemical industries to provide reliable filtration. Its design benefits in the complete removal of bacteria and other undesired particles even in the presence of humidity and moisture. The filter is ideal for filtration of solvents in sterile API manufacture, fermenter inlet air and exhaust venting and sterile venting of tanks and autoclaves. The filters have a 0.2 micron PTFE membrane validated for absolute bacterial retention with the challenge data correlated to water intrusion testing.
Price: 7200.00 INR/Unit

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