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Avail from us high performing, easy to install and durable Separation System, Industrial Filtration System, Thermally Bonded Filters, PTFE Membrane Filters,Frp Filter Housings etc.

Hot Products
  • FAST Ultrafiltration Membrane for Automotive E coat
    FAST Ultra-Filtration Electro-coat Spiral Element provides excellent operational life with separation efficiency required for the effective operation of Electro-coat Paint Systems. When operated in accordance with the recommended operating parameters and the Electro-coat Paint within the manufacturers recommendations, the FAST Electro-coat Spiral Element can provide a long service life and exceptional performance.
  • Tank Vent Filter
  • Charge Plus Lenticular Filter Cartridges
  • Meta Pore Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges
  • Oil Purification Systems
    Trinity Oil Purification Systems can be used directly as an ON-LINE or OFF-LINE system depending on your shop-floor need. Trinity Oil Purification Systems allows filtration to take place independently of your equipment / machinery operation and there is no need for permanent installation per machine as one trolley / skid mounted unit can service multiple machines. Trinity Oil Purification Systems can be used for filtration of Lube Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Machine cutting fluids, Coolants, etc. including other applications like filtration of transformer oil, gearbox oil, engine oil etc. Trinity Oil Purification System can even filter water based fluids (water glycols, metalworking fluids, wash fluids), whilst removing any contamination from the oil. Trinity Oil Purification Systems can be fairly automated with Self-Priming Pumps, Pressure Gauges, Interconnecting Piping and provision for testing / measuring devices like Particle Detector, Moisture Sensor, Particle Counter etc.
Most Popular Products
Flow-PURE series Liquid Bag filter Element
TRINITY Flow-PURE series bag filter are manufactured using the advanced felt media meeting the most critical customer applications. Available in three different types of media and a wide range of removal ratings make Flow-PURE Bag Filters are one of the most reliable products available in the marketplace today. Fully welded bags with an option of selecting three different performance grades like Standard Liquid Grade, Standard mesh Grade and High-efficiency Grade makes it an ideal choice for any filtration application.
Pure GUARD Bi-component Thermally Bonded Filter Cartridges
TRINITY Pure-GUARD Bi-Component Thermally Bonded Filter Cartridges are manufactured using a unique technology using polyolefin thermally-bonded bi-component fibers resulting in a rigid complex filter matrix. The unique fiber-to-fiber bond forms a very rigid, stable porosity matrix thereby eliminating the need for a support core. The patented construction of this filter cartridge provides consistent filtration and eliminates pore size variability and media migration. The rigid construction also provides a three-dimensional fiber network that offers a high tolerance to differential pressures. This unique feature also prevents changes in the fiber matrix throughout the life of the filter providing for precise filtration and eliminating filter unloading.
Flow-MAX Pleated Polypropylene Filters Cartridges
TRINITY Flow-MAX Pleated Filter Cartridges are designed to optimize the surface area of the PP media for higher flow rate, lower clean Delta P and longer Service life. The Filter provides more surface area due to its pleated design. Applications for these are available across food & beverages, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other demanding process applications. All PP construction and gradient density micro-fiber media provide excellent removal efficiencies and high contaminant holding capacities. All materials used in this filter cartridge are CFR-21 complaint so, it is safe to use for food contact purposes.

About Us

Commenced in the year 2009, we, Trinity Filtration Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are a dependable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Filtration and Water Treatment Products. In our range, we offer Filtration Systems, Separation Systems, Liquid Bag Filters, Plant Filtration, Ultra Filtration Systems, PTFE Membrane Filters, FRP Filter Housings and more. Working with the strategies of continues human resource development, innovation and technological leadership, focus on local manufacturing and making use of latest technology to reduce cost, have helped us attain a remarkable position. With a promise to save the environment, we work towards to achieve maximum efficiency minimizing the wastage..

A combined support of both experienced professionals and latest technologies has helped us maximize our output and maintain high level of quality for our products. A proper check on quality in maintained right from the first stage of production so as to match the global standards of quality. Owing to our customer-centric approach, strict quality control, competitive pricing, ethical business values and transparent business policies, we have been able to take a leading position in the market.

Our Vision
  • The company's vision is to be a benchmark in quality in the Fluid Purification business.
  • Trinity's strategic plans and investments are aligned to the pursuit of our Vision.

Our Values


We will strive to innovate our products and processes and contribute to the over all growth of our customers and stake-holders and the Society in general on a continuous basis.


We will establish ourselves as a credible partner and work towards the success of our customers.


We believe in timely response to our customers' needs while maintaining quality and accuracy.


We will strive to deliver nothing but the best while pursing challenging problems.

Appetite for Risk:

We will encourage our employees to take risks and explore new avenues and reward them for their success while being tolerant towards their failures.


We will deal with internal and external associates and stakeholders objectively, empathetically and honestly.


All Trinity employees will follow a laid down code of ethics. There is zero tolerance for unethical behavior in any manner.

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