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Our Vision

  • The company's vision is to be a benchmark in quality in the Fluid Purification business.
  • Trinity's strategic plans and investments are aligned to the pursuit of our Vision.

Our Values


We will strive to innovate our products and processes and contribute to the over all growth of our customers and stake-holders and the Society in general on a continuous basis.


We will establish ourselves as a credible partner and work towards the success of our customers.


We believe in timely response to our customers' needs while maintaining quality and accuracy.


We will strive to deliver nothing but the best while pursing challenging problems.

Appetite for Risk:

We will encourage our employees to take risks and explore new avenues and reward them for their success while being tolerant towards their failures.


We will deal with internal and external associates and stakeholders objectively, empathetically and honestly.


All Trinity employees will follow a laid down code of ethics. There is zero tolerance for unethical behavior in any manner.


Filtration Systems

Resin Bonded Cartridges

Depth Filter Cartridges

Bag Filter Housing

PTEF Membrane Filter

Trolley Mounted Filtration Systems

PES Sterilizing Grade Filters

Industrial Filter Housings

Thermally Bonded Filters

Self Cleaning Filters

Spun-Bond Depth Filter Cartridges

Sanitary Filter Housings

Bag filters

All FRP/GRP Filter Housings

Lenticular Filters for Pharmaceutical Applications

Membrane Filters

Spun/Melt blown Depth Filter Cartridges

Filters For Critical Pharmaceutical Application

Meta-Pore Stainless Steel Filter

Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges

Flow-Max Pleated Filters

Sterilizing Grade Filters

Pure-Bond RBC Filter Cartridges

Bi-Component Thermally Bonded Filters

Micro-String wound Filter Cartridges

Pleated Polypropylene Filters

Cartridge Filters

Wound Filter Cartridges

Separation System

Multi Cyclone Scrubbers

Industrial Filter Separators/Coalescers

Two/Three Phase Separator

Vertical Separators

Horizontal Separators

Filter Separators

Ultra Filtration Spiral Elements

Cross Flow Systems

Coolant & Metal Working Fluids

Coolant Filtration

Mobile filtration

Tramp oil removal systems

Offline Systems

Lube oil/hydraulic oil filtration systems

Superclean filtration Systems

Trolley mounted systems


Our customer list includes the leading names from Process, Bio pharmaceutical as well as Energy sectors. With leading edge technologies, we help our clients to be more successful. Our huge business is largely classified into three Major Business Groups. They are listed below:

Filtration Division

Separation Division

Water Treatment


Oil & Gas production

DE-mineralization plants


Petroleum Refining

Reverse Osmosis

SVP LVP - Tablets

Gas processing

Nano Filtration

Sterile - Non Sterile API

OEMs, EPC contractors

Ultra filtration

Liquid Orals - Formulations


Vaccines - MABs Therapeutic Proteins

Ozonation Systems

Food And Beverage

UV Systems

Bottled Water

Mixed bed units

Carbonated beverages

Sand filters


Multi media filters

Fruit Juices - Edible Oils

Softeners Electro Deionisers

Thermal Power Plants

Effluent treatment Plants.

Nuclear Power Plants

General Industrial


Paints - Resins - Inks - Automotive OEMs

Printing - Lithography - Dyes - Pigments

Magnetic memory Devices

Chemicals / Petrochemicals

Organic chemicals

Acids - Brines - Solvents

Synthetic Fiber & Films

Fertilizers & Pesticides

Lube Oil

Polymer Manufacture

General Industrial

Auto Parts - Thermal & Nuclear Power

Industrial components - Desalination.


Oil Exploration - Gas Production

Petroleum Refining- Gas Processing

EPC Contractors


CD / DVD- RT - Display Devices

Semiconductor- Disk Drives - Capacitors - PCBs

Environment, Health, Safety And Environment Assurance

  • We are dedicated to do the best to preserve our Earth.
  • We ensure that our gamut of products makes a difference in the lives of the people and environment.
  • We are devoted to optimize the clientele process thus elevating the overall competence and minimizing waste.

Human Resources     

  • HR Mission: To introduce the best talent into the firm and develop its prospective with effective guidance
  • Recruitment: We watchfully choose workers, with a multistage hiring procedure that evaluates functional skills of the employees.  
  • Training and Organizational Development: We provide a programmed training that includes technological and business aspects. We also utilize external talent to meet training needs. Cross functional training is also provided.
  • Work Environment: We offer a challenging work environment. We persuade employees to face risks, discover new avenues and take decisions. We are broadminded towards employees who fail in their challenge and support them to correct the failure areas.
  • Performance Management System: We adhere to transparent and quantified performance evaluation scheme for employees. Performance and merit are the only criteria for rewards. 

Quality Assurance

We believe in providing highly innovative and quality products that not only meet the current industry standards but also exceed the expectations of the clients. Our large array of products is manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials sourced from reputed manufacturers of the market. We use novel techniques and technologies in the manufacturing of the products. In addition to this, our expert quality analysts inspect the quality of the products as well as production process under strict parameters to make us sure about the high standards of quality and 100% defect free products.

Our Infrastructure

We have developed a modern infrastructural set up that is loaded with all the latest production amenities required for coming up with a quality range of products. Separated purposely, we have individual units for our R&D, testing of quality, production and warehousing activities. This segregation maintains a chaos free and organized work flow at our premises. A spacious and categorically divided storage space assists us in having configured storage of goods and easy retrieval at the time of dispatch. 

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